So very unexpectedly coming straight out of Bavaria, with a sound that surely has it roots in the East Coast Golden Age; Blindspot bless us with an indie-rap style that blends traditional boom bap with dope rap flows, finding our duo bringing a broad-spectrum-sound-style that allows their art to reach a much wider scope of ears than those limiting themselves to the dogmatic constraints of the genre.

Well-known from both the almighty Yawl and the magnificent Blindspot, Dot is yet further a respectable solo artist in his own right; where it’s more than just hip-hop, it’s Kraut rock, electronica, cooking, travelling, and from time to time he is even most able to neatly pack stuff into cardboard boxes.


Hailing from the fresh mountain air of Denver, Colorado,  rapping for twenty years, and being DIY on tour for the last fifteen of those between the EU and US. Ancient Mith is a wild man, climbing furniture, loving life, exploring its limits; and seeking how it’s going down. He is also known as the singer of the punk / rap / pop / art combo Yawl with our beloved Dot.


Maybe the last man standing when it comes to the real deal techno punk, but you still can’t quite really label him any which way. He’s an activist, he’s a musician, he’s a dog daddy… Or maybe simply an Antifa who hates Nazis more than he loves life.

The step motherly-operated duo of Kevin Hamann, known respectively for his singer / songwriter work with Clickclickdecker, and his over-punk-experiments with Bratze, and Johannes Strizi Rögner, the head and gut of the infamous Frittenbude. The music ranges between weird songs and broken thoughts, through lovely chords, to beautiful words.


He once was a sleep deprived pessimist, then he grew perhaps just a little more positive, and right now he’s probably very drunk. He's the ex of over-proof alcohol, a braces-wearing MPC geek, he cuts real nice on the one and twos; okay, basically it’s all about Doc Marten’s Boots and Cannibal Holocaust.


Two adorable students of life; or simply cat-loving dog enthusiasts pushing boundaries in pop music as only they could, and definitely, definitely not sounding how you think a Nashville to New Orleans tag-team would. Shy on the telephone, honest to a fault, and so very heartfelt that even the hardest Albanian gangster will have a tear in their eye.

Yawl is the wonderfully-unlikely-sounding collaboratory project of our very own maniac Ancient Mith and adorable Dot. They are boldly choosing to seek out and walk new paths, new ways; new destinations together. Young thoughts emerging from old minds, and unbelievably killer live; they worked tirelessly daily, from other sides of the planet, not meeting again until the album was finally finished.


The nearly-instrumental auteur project of Kevin Hamann of Clickclickdecker fame; pushing boundaries if they were school-yard skipping bands. Playful, uplifting, richly detailed but light as air. It doesn’t feel like the leftover garbage of Clickclickdecker at all…

He is a thinker in the very truest sense; always questioning life itself, his own decisions and those of others. Living a life as a father, a devoted husband, and as a teacher in Switzerland. A life of the mind sending out sound waves to resonate the deeper frequencies of lifes’ richer meanings. He is also known in adept circles as the sole producer of Ancient Mith’s solo Anette debut.

A truly all-star-punk-band coming together under the purest banner: that everyone must play an instrument they cannot play, or at least the one they are worst at. That is punk and there ought be no other way. The makers of Peters, Juri Gagarin, Herrenmagazin, Das Bierbeben and Clickclickdecker come together in a beautiful band. It’s all about Kümmel and enough love in between the hate.

Unbelievably rapping for thirty years, touring the western world with his music and writing, feeling overwhelming pressures from all sides but always finding a path between the treacherous Mountains of Mordor. He might well be the first respectable Hobbit rapper, never seen without wizard pipe and krauter; always a super-nice dude.


Totengeläut is formed by Anti-Folk singer Nogood Luna and Technopunk/producer Björn Peng. It’s not a project, it’s a reason of heart. Seeing the world turn grey, seeing people turn into monsters, this is what led to the formation of the band. Melodic and poetic nonetheless hard and piend. As this is just the beginning, we are curious what the future will have in hand, eventhough there is none.


theclosing is a Vienna-based music and art duo that consists of Daniela Palma Caetano Auer and Alexander Hengl. They have been working towards the goal of making beguiling and original electronic music by mixing analog and digital sources since 2004.

Our beloved tour driver and after-show-DJ has found his way into the hearts of absolutely everyone, overwhelming them with his glowing aura and through consistently being the most beautiful human in the room. We are still awaiting his 30 mins DJ mix since four years but, in the meantime, Hausi Loves Horses has become our favourite game on tour.